V-Line Single Skin

Built for entertaining

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Built for entertaining.

Your new outdoor living area should create as much room as possible using the least amount of posts, all whilst blending with your existing roof colour and profile.

Ausdeck Patio & Roofing’s unique roll forming process creates excellent spanning capabilities.

Using the strongest support beams in the market means less posts and more room to entertain.

Select from Ausdeck’s wide range of V-Line Single Skin roofing styles; from flat roofs with skylights to angled gables; flyovers and carports.

Choose from 6 standard colours, and if you want your Ausdeck V-Line Beams and Posts powder-coated you can select from a huge range of 20 colours.

Ausdeck’s engineering and design innovation enables you to create your new outdoor living area with more strength, less posts, more colours; and more styles to match your existing home.

Ausdeck V-Line single skin combines the timeless elegance of VJ panelling to provide you with the simplest and most economical patio system available.

The patio roofing material of the future is Ausdeck V-Line.

Australian Made - Australian Owned. Manufactured 100% in-house.

More strength – Stronger Beams – More colours – More styles.

15 year warranty.

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Ausdeck Patios & Roofing - Built for Entertaining. Australian Made - Australian Owned. Manufactured 100% in-house. More strength - Stonger beams - More colours - More styles.