Stud, Plate & Noggin

Features & Benefits

High-quality materials

Using quality, high-tensile Truecore®, alu-zinc and galvanised steel our stud, plate and noggins are designed to adhere to the AS 1397 Australian standard (450MPA minimum yield stress).

Wide range

Our stud, plate and noggins are available in 50mm, 75mm, 90mm & 100mm sizes to suit a range of construction applications.

Responsive lead times

We manufacture and deliver stud, plate and noggin within your specified timeframe, minimising downtime for our clients.


Steel Framing
Sizes 50, 75, 90, 100
Profiles Stud, Plate & Noggin
Lengths (m) Max. length 8.0m
Material Truecore®, alu-zinc and galvanised
Gauge 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5
Standard AS1397
Tolerances (mm) +\-2mm
Size Material
Stud, Plate & Noggin 50mm X 0.8 Alu-zinc
50mm X 1.0 Truecore / Alu-zinc
50mm X 1.2 Truecore / Alu-zinc
50mm X 1.5 Galvanised
75mm X 0.8 Alu-zinc
75mm X 1.0 Truecore / Alu-zinc
75mm X 1.2 Truecore / Alu-zinc
75mm X 1.5 Galvanised
90mm X 0.8 Alu-zinc
90mm X 1.0 Truecore / Alu-zinc
90mm X 1.2 Truecore / Alu-zinc
90mm X 1.5 Galvanised
100mm X 0.8 Alu-zinc
100mm X 1.0 Truecore / Alu-zinc
100mm X 1.2 Truecore / Alu-zinc
100mm X 1.5 Galvanised


What are the primary functions of stud, plate, and noggins in construction?

The primary functions of stud, plate, and noggins are to provide structural integrity to various construction applications. These components are instrumental in framing both interior and exterior walls, supporting ceilings and floors, and enhancing the overall architectural resilience of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

What thickness options does Ausdeck offer for stud, plate, and noggins?

Ausdeck offers these structural elements in a range of thickness specifications, namely 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm. These options are designed to meet diverse engineering criteria, including requirements for cyclone-resistant structures.

Can I customise my order for stud, plate, and noggins from Ausdeck?

Yes, Ausdeck offers the option of customising these structural components. You can order them cut to specific lengths and with optional pre-punched holes. Alternatively, standardised lengths are available for immediate purchase.

What materials are used in the manufacturing of Ausdeck's stud, plate, and noggins?

Ausdeck manufactures these structural elements from three premium materials: Truecore®, alu-zinc, and galvanised steel. These materials are selected to ensure durability, robustness, and engineering precision.

Are Ausdeck's stud, plate, and noggins safe and durable?

Absolutely. Ausdeck's stud, plate, and noggins are non-combustible, 100% impervious to termites, resistant to dimensional warping, and devoid of any chemical treatments. These features collectively ensure the safety of your construction projects as well as the longevity of your investment.

What is the difference between a stud, plate and noggin?

A noggin is the horizontal bracing that runs between the studs to prevent twisting. While the plate is what is fixed to the top or bottom to secure the stud and noggin.

Do our stud, plate and noggins comply with Australian Standards?

Yes. Our stud, plate and noggins are designed to comply with the relevant AS1397 Australian standard (450MPA minimum yield stress).

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