Benefits of insulated panels over traditional roofing products

In the world of construction, innovation often paves the way for smarter, more efficient solutions. EPS-FR insulated panels are one product that’s transforming the building industry. Thanks to their superior insulation, lightweight design, rapid installation, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, insulated panels are redefining how we approach roofing and walling projects.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Expanded Polystyrene with fire retardant (EPS-FR) insulated roofing panels in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

Excellent insulation

Insulated panels provide superior thermal insulation. They help maintain consistent indoor temperatures in homes, buildings and sheds by reducing heat transfer through the roof, leading to energy savings in both heating and cooling. For external applications such as patios, carports, walkways and awnings, they reduce conductive heat, i.e., the heat transfer from the top to the bottom.


Insulated panels are lightweight and possess excellent spanning and bracing capabilities, reducing the reliance on extensive structural supports and framing. This also translates to cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive lifting equipment typically required for traditional roof structures.

Fast installation

Insulated panels are commonly referred to as a modular 3-in-1 building system or sandwich panel as it combines the top skin, insulation, and a finished ceiling – all in one structural roofing solution. These products reduce the installation time on site and eliminate the need for additional trades, such as plasterers and painters. They are low maintenance and easy to clean and do not require repainting as a traditional painted ceiling would.


These panels can be used in various applications like residential homes, tiny homes, commercial buildings, industrial and agricultural sheds, transportable buildings, as well as outdoor structure like patios, carports etc. They are also suitable for new construction as well as retrofit projects.


Construction made easy

The ability to manufacture these insulated panels in a controlled environment offsite, allows economies of scale and reduces the overall cost of construction. Also, insulation is made from low-cost raw materials and does not degrade over time, providing a very low-cost of ownership over its lifetime.

Ausdeck offers a wide range of insulated roofing panels in five thicknesses, two profiles, and 18 colours. With over two decades of experience manufacturing these panels, our products are engineered and rigorously tested to ensure durability in Australian conditions, providing you with genuine peace of mind. Whether you’re constructing a house, shed, building, or outdoor structure like a patio or carport, consider the many advantages of Ausdeck’s insulated panels for your next roofing project.



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